Buying Hair

Banbury Postiche, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, is the United Kingdom's longest established Raw Hair Merchant, buying and selling hair for use in wigs since the early 1920's. Today we remain one of the UK's only companies preparing raw hair in to colour (pattern) matched prepared hair hanks for use in wigs, hair extensions, and test swatches used by cosmetic research labs around the world.

We Buy...

Quality and length are important; please follow the guide show below before sending us your hair.

Whilst we provide large quantities of hair for use in wigs for people with medical conditions. We are unable to guarantee where our stock hair will be used.
Banbury Postiche will buy hair that:-

1. Is 14 inches or more in length.
2. Of suitable quality i.e. not over-treated or tangled.
3. Has been tied into a pony tail (or tails if very thick) at the nape of the neck prior to cutting to keep the root ends all together.

For such hair Banbury Postiche

- Will pay between £3.00 and £5.00 per ounce, with the longest the hair fetching the highest price.
- Banbury Postiche regrets it is unable to donate the sale price to charities on behalf of the seller because of tax implications.
- Banbury Postiche uses the hair to make wigs for people with long-term hair loss conditions such as alopecia. People, who undergo chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment, loose their hair rapidly and wear acrylic wigs.
- Real hair wigs are hand-made, take approximately 12 weeks to produce and incorporate several heads of hair.
- Banbury Postiche will, of course, accept donations of suitable hair should payment not be required.
- Any hair which cannot be used for wig making will be returned to the sender with a note saying why it cannot be accepted.

Forward your hair to:-

The Pattern Matching Department
Banbury Postiche Limited
Apollo Park,
Ironstone Lane,
OX15 6FE

If you have any questions, please contact us at the above address or call us at 01295 757412.

We Sell...

For further details, please contact us at 01295 757412 or email

- Prepared to the highest craft standards of excellence by Banbury Postiche - Specialists
- Pattern Matched Hair is a tailored product.
- No returns can be accepted on Pattern Matched Hair Products.
- Please allow 14 days for the delivery of European Hair orders.