Premium aftercare services for your human hair wig in Banbury

At Wigs UK – a Banbury Postiche brand – we have unique expertise in offering fantastic additional services for your acrylic or real human hair wig or hairpiece. This includes our cleaning and re-styling service. Our specialist service will help you to keep your wig or hairpiece in tip top condition, because it is carried out by our highly skilled team who are fully trained to work with acrylic and human hair. They will return your wig or hairpiece to you fully cleaned and re-styled, ready for you to wear.

90 years' experience

Banbury Postiche are the oldest, most established wig maker and supplier in the UK today.

Free mainland delivery

On all orders within the UK mainland. Orders shipped within 48 hours Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

NHS approved

Banbury Postiche is the UK’s largest supplier of wigs and hairpieces to the NHS.

Wigs sizing services

Our Wig Sizing Service will ensure that you have the perfect fit from your acrylic or human hair wig. In order to size your wig we need two important measurements:
1. Circumference. Measure from just above (about 1cm) the hairline at the centre of your forehead. Proceed around the head, at the same distance in from the hairline and take the measurement when the measure reaches the starting point.
2. Forehead to Nape. Measure from the centre of your forehead where your hairline begins, (in line with your nose) to centre back of your head, just under the occipital bone. Ensure that your head can move up and down comfortably without the tape rising above the occipital bone, or falling too low into the nape of the neck. Banbury Postiche cannot be held responsible for inaccurate measurements.

Specialist cleaning service for your wig or hair piece

Cleaning and re-styling service to keep your acrylic or human hair wig or hair piece in tip top condition. This specialist service is carried out by our highly skilled team, who are fully trained to work with acrylic and human hair. With this high-quality service, our expert hairdressers will return your wig or hairpiece looking clean, fresh and re-styled ready for you to wear.

Our team of professional hairdressers welcomes the chance to speak to and get to know individual clients to find out exactly how you like their wigs finished. This personalised approach gives you the peace of mind that your wig will be styled exactly the way you like it, and ensures that you will get the most wear from it possible.

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